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Buying Guide of Car Seat Covers & Details

Car seat covers play an important role in keeping your Car Interiors look stylish and elegant. Buying Premium Car Seat Covers will not only help you to protect your Car Interior but also gives a refreshed look. Due to the potential space covered by the seat, a set of stylish and premium Car Seat Covers can literally transform the interiors to a great extent. However, before taking the plunge to buy seat covers, one must know the style, requirement and kind of seat covers available in the market...read more

Checkout Important Car Tyre Care Accessories For Your Vehicle

Car tyre care is very important. It is the most important auto accessory on which the vehicle is entirely dependent. With the rising prices of tyre in the market, it becomes very important to take best care of it through some of the best car tyre care accessories. The leading online car accessories store, Auto Furnish dolls out best tyre care accessories that ensure long life of your tyres in all types of conditions. On top of that, these accessories will help you to solve any tyre related problem round the clock without anybody’s assistance.

  • Tyre Inflators: It is very important accessory to inflate flat or puncture tyres. Hence, Autofurnish brings technology driven heavy duty twin cylinder metal air compressor for cars, SUVs and small trucks. It is very durable, sturdy and efficient. It can be taken anywhere such as beaches, camping, caravanning, motor bike riding, cycling or any outdoor activity. You can also check out air compressor pump tyre inflator 12v electric car bike SUV metal which is a cheaper yet amazing option.
  • Tyre Pressure Guages:  The store brings digital tire tread depth guage with enhanced gas mileage and reduces tire wear by offering apt value.
  • Tyre puncture kits: Tyre puncture is pretty common on highways hence the store brings branded auto tubeless tyre puncture plug repair kit to let you mend the puncture quickly.
  • Car Jack: You can also find different types of jacks including 5 ton bottle hydraulic jack and 2 ton professional trolley hydraulic jack to easily lift your car. For an advanced and automatic option check out automatic car jack scissor type with wired remote.
  • Tool Kits: it is one of the most important car accessories to have, hence the store brings 20PCs tyre shape multipurpose toolkit which contains all essential tools required for puncture, repair etc.

Apart from that, you can find wide range of premium tyres, car tyre locks, tyre valve caps, tyre shiners and many more tyre care accessories.

Style Up Your Car With Some Of The Best Car Styling Accessories

Today, people love to modify or add a stylish and personalised statement to their personal car. Souping-up a personal car adds a unique personality and character to it. Those who can’t afford to have Mercedes or Audi can glamorize their budget cars with some of the best car styling accessories that are exclusively available at India’s first online auto accessories store, Autofurnish. The store brings an exclusive and imported range of some of the finest car beauty products at jaw-breaking prices. So if you are a car lover and wants to add style to your personal car then check out incredibly beautiful styling accessories offered by the store.

  • Chrome Tail Lights: Ever since the Audi has launched glamorous tail lights, car lovers have been going crazy about it. Tail lights simply transform the entire look of a car and make and make it very glamorous. Hence, the store brings Chrome tail lights with custom-cut and corrosion free quality material. These lights are available in various designs and sizes for all top models and car brands at very affordable prices.
  • Exhaust Silencer Muffler Pipe: It is small yet very important part which adds a glamorous look to your car. You can modify it and add a stylish exhaust silencer muffler pipe made up of high quality stainless steel which not only adds style but also decreases exhaust noise. The store offers it for all car models.
  • Spray Paints: If your car has some scratches or marks then you can easily remove them with spray paints. Now you don’t need to pay a bomb for it. Just gets Auto Furnish car paint car combo including water spray gun, scratch pen and polish which help you to remove all types of scratches and marks from car exterior.
  • Scuff Plates: Personalize your car with stylish scuff plates. Add your personal or car name and let it shine in LED while entering through the car door. These chrome finished plates are made up of high quality stainless steel and add a glamorous look to your car.
  • Push Start: Add a stylish and automatic push start up with high luminous red LED. It adds style to your car and wins you admiration from your friends.

Apart from that, the store has wide range of chrome Car Styling Accessories that will surely spruce up style quotient of your car.

Add Extra Protection and Elegance to Your Car’s Interior with Best Car Floor Mats

Well-cleaned and designed car always catch the attention of people. Cleanliness is very important and Car Floor Mats becomes an easy target to receive most of the dirt due to dirty shoes. People often save money by buying low quality car foot mats that eventually spoil the carpet underneath and floor as well. However, having high quality floor mats can save you wear and tear on your car’s floor and safe your feet from slipping. Therefore, Autofurnish, a leading Car Interior Accessories online store, brings quality set of car foot mats that protect and spruce up your car’s interior.

In order to give you best quality, the store brings imported car foot mats in a set of 4 and 5 pieces. You can find them in two shades beige and smoke black. These foot mats are designed with automotive grade vinyl which offers anti skid and cushion feeling to give you optimum level of security and comfort. These mats feature non slip backing technology and are completely washable. One can customize them in order to meet the car décor and model.

Autofurnish offers premium set of floor mats in black and other shades with high strength and easy cleaning technology. These are designed with non-woven jacquard automotive grade vinyl carpet which offers non skid and cushion feeling. These are completely washable and come in set of 4 and 5. These mats are available for all prominent car models.

So put elegance in the interior of your beloved car and maximize its protection with best car mats unleashed by Autofurnish.

Buy Premium Sun Shades Online For Your Car at Jaw-Breaking Prices

Buy Premium Sun Shades Online For Your Car at Jaw-Breaking Prices

Car sun shades are not just used to protect your car interiors from harmful UV rays but also spruce up the entire car décor to manifolds. It helps in giving a chic look to your car apart from protection passengers and car from excessive sunrays. With the help of advanced technology and innovation, there are variety of futuristic car sun shades that offer optimum level of comfort, style and protection to you and your car. Autofurnish, a pioneer in offering best car interior accessories, brings a designer and premium selection of sun shades for all car models. Let’s check out some of the prominent designs and styles of car curtains.

  • Magnetic Sun Shades: The store brings premium magnetic sun shades in a set of 4 pieces for all types of cars. It offers high degree of safety, privacy inside the car while clears the visibility to outside. No tool or machine is required to install them. It’s very safe, convenient and premium looking shades that will enhance the entire look of your car.
  • Car Automatic Side Window Sun Shade: Another premium product offered by the store is automatic side window sun shade in set of 4 pieces for all prominent car models. It works automatically with a tiny hook attached to window glass which helps in bringing sunshade fabric up and down with glass window movement. It comes up with enhanced privacy, rays filtering technology, anti-dust and water plus fire resistant properties. One can easily install them without making much effort with the help of attached tutorial.
  • Stick on Curtains for Car Windows: The next premium variant is universal stick on curtains for car windows in a set of 4 pieces. It is a best accessory for side windows to protect you from sunlight and keeps dashboard and other instrument cool. Its heat resistant properties and easy installation process need a special mention.

Apart from that Autofurnish has many more premium, stylish and protective car curtains that you can check-out at the website.

Find Versatile & Premium Range of Car Body Covers at Autofurnish

Body covers in one of the important car accessories to protect the exterior of a car. Due to heavy rain, dust storms, pollution, dirt and animals, the exterior of a car gets damaged slowly and gradually. In order to ensure optimum level of protection, one has to buy a premium car body cover which takes care of exterior and make it look like as new as before. Hence, Autofurnish, a reputed online auto store for all types of car exterior accessories brings a premium range of car body covers to protect your beloved car.

The store has a collection of branded and premium range of car body covers. Some of them are given below:

  • 100% water resistant car body cover for AUDI: It is a dual stitched premium quality of body cover which keeps the exterior cooler, dry and dust free. No matter whether it’s raining or drizzling, the body cover remains unaffected by severe climatic conditions.
  • If you are looking for some stylish car body cover, then check out Autofurnish Ace Printed stripe body cover which looks glamorous and offers amazing protection to your car.
  • Apart from that you can also make use of imported car body covers that come up with one shade and offer highest level of security to your car.

The online store offers variety of best car covers for all prominent car models and companies. Just wrap them in Autofurnish high quality car body covers and say goodbye to all types of dents, scratches and bird droppings in any season.