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How to make your car festive-ready?
The most exciting time of the year is here yet again when everyone is decked up to have fun, celebrate, eat, make new memories, spree, and spend time with their loved ones. The festivals are around the corner and festivities are in full swing. No wonder, around this time of the year, we focus on many things like meeting friends and family, cleaning the house, decorating, buying new stuff, and much more. But has anyone ever given attention to make their car festive ready? Your vehicle plays a huge role in making your festivals a huge success and fun...read more
How to add an oomph factor to your car’s interior? Add these 5 car accessories!
When it comes to decorating your car interior, there are several ways to do so. But, adding an oomph factor is not just a normal thing. One has to make some special efforts to make his car stand out from the rest. And, to make your ride look luxurious, eye-catching, and stylish, car interior accessories play a huge role. They can effortlessly uplift the aesthetic appeal and let your friends go mad about your ride. Many people desperately want to change the interior of their car...read more
Add Safety & Style To Your Car’s Trunk With Premium Trunk Mats
There is no doubt about the fact that the highly used part of the car is its trunk. It is a storage room that is highly valuable for the everyday commute. Car trunks are used to keep emergency equipment such as luggage, spare tire, onboard car tool kit, fuse boxes, dog equipment, grocery items, sound systems, jack, etc. However, car owners use car trunks every day but still don’t ponder much about their safety...read more
Install premium car sun shades in your car to keep the sun away
No one enjoys sitting in a hot & humid car. Excessive sunrays or summer can be brutal towards everything including your car. Leaving your car closed up or parked outside in the sun can make it feel like an oven. To get rid of the heat building up in your car, the only solution is getting hands on the best car sun shades. They are beneficial in eliminating the heat and can save the interiors of your car and passengers as well...read more
Wrap your car seats in premium and stylish seat covers
There is no doubt about the fact that a car is one of the prized possessions of every person. So, it is always necessary to do a little effort to keep your car in good condition for a long time. While most people think mostly about its exterior protection but car interiors accessories are equally important. One of the essential parts of car interiors is the car seat which is why one should ponder upon its protection. Buying car seat covers is one of the best ways to protect them from wear and tear...read more
Are car sun shades legal in India?
An afternoon hustle to work, scorching heat, tinted window car glass, and traffic police, sums up to a catastrophe. Yes, I am talking about the incident I faced a few days back and don't want anyone else to sail the same boat, due to the lack of information. Everyone wants to save themselves and their cars from the extremely hot weather and UV rays and hence, we use tinted car windows, but do you know that tinted glasses are illegal in India?...read more
Benefits of Using The Car Steering Wheel Covers

A steering wheel is meant to control the movement of your car. It is connected to your car through a steering column and the horn is located right in the centre of the steering wheel. It plays a vital role in the proper functioning of your car. Modern car makers are now adding most of the control to the steering wheel, thus, it’s relevance has been increased to manifolds in the last couple of years. One can now control media, change the speed, take calls and do many more activities without taking his eyes off the road...read more

Car God Idols: Ganesh Ji for your Car

Worshipping the image of your favourite God injects inner peace and brings you closer to the Supreme. Having an idol of him in the close proximity makes you feel safe. It is a divine connection between you and him that brings inner confidence. We all worship God in images. Some people worship Lord Hanuman and some people keep God Ganesha’s idol with themselves to stay safe and prosperous. It is sheer devotion and a subject of belief...read more

Why Car Air Purifier Necessary in your Car

Today we are surrounded by the polluted air. In the last couple of years, the pollution level in Indian metropolitan cities has increased drastically. Many potential measures have been taken by the central and state governments to tackle the issue. However, we all should also take preventive measures to breathe in the fresh air and avoid consuming polluted air. Not only indoors but we should also take preventive measures to breathe fresh air outdoors. Modern air purifiers prove...read more

How good quality car accessories can boost your car value?

If you have a car then you need to take good care of it to get the best value in the future. Or if you are planning to sell your existing car then you have to think about it’s overall condition to give an instant boost to it’s value. As we all know every car comes with an expiration date. We can’t drive it for a lifetime and someday we have to sell it. In such a scenario, we have to invest time and money in good car accessories...read more