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Car Accessories That will help keep your Car Cool

Car styling has become a big rage among car owners. Nowadays, every car owner loves to style up his car to make it look cool and dashing. To make every head turn, it is very important to install right Car Styling Accessories in your beloved vehicle. Be it Hatchback, SUV or Sedan, any car can look cool and sexy if the right accessories are being installed. However, during summer season, one also needs to cool down the car from excessive heat with the right accessories...read more

Make Your Car Smell Good With Premium Car Perfumes

Fresh air inside a car is very important. It makes us feel good and helps in releasing the stress of traffic. A good fragrance works wonders with our senses and helps in changing bad mood to positive one. In the present scenario of rising pollution levels outside, it is very difficult to leave the car windows open unless and until something is important. And driving with windows rolled up can be a bit harmful if the air inside your car is not fresh...read more

Get A Premium Range of Car Perfumes At Autofurnish

Car air freshener is one of the most important auto accessories which keep you and your car fresh while driving. Nobody likes to be seated in stinky or smelly car as it is a biggest turn off. Car perfumes keep your car stay fresh for a couple of weeks. If you don’t get much time to clean your car then perfume is the best alternative to keep it fresh. A fresh smelling interior creates a huge impact on your day and friends. If you have put unique and beautiful fragrance in your car then it also puts you in limelight. Hence, Auto Furnish brings some of the best car perfumes for cars in order to make you and your vehicle always fresh.

Car Perfumes

  • Hanging Perfumes: The store brings a premium range of hanging perfumes for car to keep you fresh while driving. You can buy Areon Fresco’s pack of 3 in different fragrances including black ice, bubble gum, lux gold and many more. These perfumes improve the ambience of your car and refresh the air.
  • Gel Perfumes: This is the new product unleashed by Auto Furnish. Gel air fresheners come up with fresh energising fragrances including lemon, apple, wish, desire, passion, dream, orange. The store offers best Areon Gel which lasts for over 8 weeks.
  • Liquid Perfumes: If you love to keep shiny liquid bottles on the dashboard, then check out liquid perfumes for car unleashed by the store. We give you the best liquid perfumes by top-notch brand Areon which works faster than any other fragrance in eliminating odors and improving the ambiance of your car. You can choose from different variants for your car. It gives citrusy smell which is extracted from natural fruits.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your favourite fragrance from the most reliable car perfumes online shop in India.