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7D Car Mats And Why You Should Choose Them Over Others
Cars need to be adequately maintained for a pleasant driving experience. The interiors of the car need to be kept clean with minimal wear and tear, which is often a challenging task. The floors often get dirty due to various sources ranging from food to dust. If proper care is not taken, it can damage the car, leading to rust or mold in addition to an unhygienic environment. So, it is necessary to keep the floor of the cars free from potential sources of damage...read more
Top 11 Car Essential Accessories You Must Get for Your Vehicle
You ought to love your car. After all, the purchase of your dream car must come with passion, research, and definitely by investing a good amount of money. You must also then want its best in terms of appearance and performance. Yet, there’s always something you can add to the car to make it more attractive and drive like a dream. This is where car accessories become essential...read more
A New BH Series for Vehicle Registration in India
The whole process of relocating a vehicle from one state to another is troublesome. A person needs to get a NOC from the current location and later re-register the vehicle in a new location. Plus, there is an issue of paying road tax to the new state. To overcome all this hassle, The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have introduced the BH series or Bharat series....read more