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Blog posts of '2019' 'June'

What all car care products you should use for hot & humid weather?

Indian Summer Season brings a lot of heat and humidity. Driving during this season is quite a daunting task. Excessive heat generated from direct sun-rays can do a lot of harm to your car if it’s not equipped with right summer Car Care Accessories. The temperature shoots up rapidly and can cause a lot of damage to car’s exterior and interior. It will also affect the cooling of your car AC to a great extent and you may feel uneasiness....read more

How to Maintain Good Odour in your Car?

Good things and smell don’t last forever. We have to make a consistent effort in order to keep everything going good. When it comes to the car, a good odour is very important. It helps us to sit inside calmly and focussed without getting irritated. An unpleasant odour bothers everyone sitting inside a lot and can be very embarrassing for the car owner if guests are seated inside...read more

How to get your car rain ready?

The monsoon season is round the corner. And it’s the right time to get your car rain ready. We all know that heavy rainfall during the Monsoon Season creates a lot of chaos, traffic jams, potholes and floods. It doesn’t only affect day to day life, but also your cars. Due to excessive water-logging, dirty water and mud enter into tyres and other components, water accumulates in sensitive areas of your car leading to electrical issues and rust...read more

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