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Blog posts of '2018' 'May'

Why is it important to Have a Towel Car Seat Covers?

If you want to buy extra soft and premium seat covers for your car, then nothing is better than towel seat covers. Seat covers are very important for your car. They not only make your drive comfortable but also protect your seats from scratches, cuts, dust and unwanted harmful bacteria that go deep inside your seat to make you feel irritated while sitting or driving. Although it’s a personal preference to choose seat covers as they now come in variety of materials including rubber, leatherette, fabric towel seat covers etc....read more

Neck Cushion & Backrest Cushion for neck & lower back pain?

Long drives are often tiring and exhausting. Regular long drives cause a lot of stress and stiffness in shoulders, neck and back. When a car is in motion the body moves in different forces due to acceleration and deceleration. Your entire body moves consistently from side to side and up to down. Your feet are also actively being used in the entire process of driving....read more

How to change Car Wipers?

Car Wipers are an essential safety Auto Accessory for any car. They help in giving you clear vision during dust storms, heavy downpour and during many more bad climatic conditions. If they are not working in a good manner then you may face blurred visibility while driving which may also lead to accident or any serious mishap. Thus, it is very important to not overlook car wipers for optimum level of security while driving on roads. Changing car wipers is a good habit that one should always follow...read more

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