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Easy Cleaning With Portable & Efficient Car Vacuum Cleaners

Car Vacuum Cleaner is the most important car accessory as it helps in cleaning your car efficiently without making much effort. It is very difficult to reach out underneath your seats to clean the dust, scrap and dirt. With the help of portable vacuum cleaner you just need not to put your hand underneath the seat and can easily clean your car hassle-free. Modern vacuum cleaners come with highest suction power and can easily be kept in the car. Hence Autofurnish brings some of the premium vacuum cleaners online at affordable rates. Let’s check them out below.

Easy Cleaning With Portable & Efficient Car Vacuum Cleaners

The most annoying thing after buying a car is to see it getting dirty and depreciate at a fast pace. It is very important to maintain your car properly daily to enhance its life. Cleaning is the most crucial aspect of maintaining your car. Be it exterior or interior of your car, it should be done properly with the help of effective and efficient Car Accessories. To clean your car’s interior thoroughly, you require an excellent Car Vacuum Cleaner. Vacuuming will remove all kinds of dust particles and waste that accumulate inside car’s carpet, upholstery and corners over some time. It is the most effective, time-saving and hassle-free cleaning process. Therefore, Autofurnish brings an excellent range of Car Vacuum Cleaners.

  • Destorm Cyclone Power Wet and Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner: It is a portable yet powerful vacuum cleaner that comes with convenient and hassle-free operation. You can connect it to cigarette lighter outlet and the crevice attachment is given for cleaning deep corners and nooks. It is powered by 12V DC adapter and comes with powerful suction and 9 feet cable length.

Apart from that, the store has many more portable and cheapest vacuum cleaner for car that you can check out on the website. So clean your car efficiently without leaving any dust or dirt in the corners with premium range of portable car vacuum cleaners offered by Autofurnish.


Protect Your Bike with Premium & High Quality Bike Body Covers

With the rising prices of imported bikes in India, it becomes very important to protect these luxury dolls with premium Bike Body Covers. Bikes are nothing less than a beloved for bike lovers. They treat their bikes like a girlfriend and leave no stone unturned to protect them with the best safety gear. For such avid bike riders and lovers, Autofurnish brings a premium range of online bike body covers in India...read more

Improve Visibility In Harsh Weather Conditions With Premium Car Wiper Blades

Car wiper blades are one of the smallest and inexpensive car exterior accessories but play a great role in keeping you safe while driving. The accessory protects you from rain, storm and snowfall. It clears the windshield and helps you to drive safely. Knowing its importance, Autofurnish, a popular car exterior accessories store, brings a versatile range of car wiper blades that offer an optimum level of security while driving and add a style statement to your car.

Improve Visibility In Harsh Weather Conditions With Premium Car Wiper Blades

The store offers best and technology-driven wiper blades in India which offer excellent visibility in all weather conditions. Here you can buy online car wiper blades for all prominent car models. Let's check out the premium selection.

  • Autofurnish F8 Series Premium Silicon Wiper Blades: It is a next-gen product which features heavy-duty design, water-repelling coating, aerodynamic and sturdy design. It comes up with advanced adaptors that are compatible with all car models. It is designed with silicon squeegee to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Silicone blade is more sturdy and durable than rubber. Over the top, the material can withstand harsh weather conditions which rubber cannot.
  • Frameless Silicon Wiper Blades: It is another premium variant which is compatible with all prominent car models. It also features aerodynamic and sturdy design coupled with an integrated flexible spine which secures the silicon blades in a seamless structure. You can choose from frameless and normal car wiper blades.

The best part is that you can choose from different designs, sizes and material in order to get the best car wiper blades at Auto Furnish. For more premium car exterior and interior accessories, check-out the website.


Get A Premium Range of Car Perfumes At Autofurnish

Car air freshener is one of the most important auto accessories which keep you and your car fresh while driving. Nobody likes to be seated in stinky or smelly car as it is a biggest turn off. Car perfumes keep your car stay fresh for a couple of weeks. If you don’t get much time to clean your car then perfume is the best alternative to keep it fresh. A fresh smelling interior creates a huge impact on your day and friends. If you have put unique and beautiful fragrance in your car then it also puts you in limelight. Hence, Auto Furnish brings some of the best car perfumes for cars in order to make you and your vehicle always fresh.

Car Perfumes

  • Hanging Perfumes: The store brings a premium range of hanging perfumes for car to keep you fresh while driving. You can buy Areon Fresco’s pack of 3 in different fragrances including black ice, bubble gum, lux gold and many more. These perfumes improve the ambience of your car and refresh the air.
  • Gel Perfumes: This is the new product unleashed by Auto Furnish. Gel air fresheners come up with fresh energising fragrances including lemon, apple, wish, desire, passion, dream, orange. The store offers best Areon Gel which lasts for over 8 weeks.
  • Liquid Perfumes: If you love to keep shiny liquid bottles on the dashboard, then check out liquid perfumes for car unleashed by the store. We give you the best liquid perfumes by top-notch brand Areon which works faster than any other fragrance in eliminating odors and improving the ambiance of your car. You can choose from different variants for your car. It gives citrusy smell which is extracted from natural fruits.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your favourite fragrance from the most reliable car perfumes online shop in India.