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Blog posts of '2017' 'November'

Benefits of Bucket Fitting in Car Seat Covers

The auto accessories industry is improving with each passing day. Every day we see some new product or accessory which amplifies comfort, efficiency and style. Car seat is the most important feature of your car. It is the most used and important element which needs to be taken care of. The good quality seat cover not only protects your seat from damages, but also gives you highest level of comfort while driving......read more

Reverse Car Parking Sensor Helps you to Park Safely

Modern technology has made our lives more convenient and safe. With each passing day, we discover new technological inventions that directly impact our personal lives. In every sector, we have come across some potential advancement that has set new benchmark in the technological world. In the automobile industry, reverse car parking sensor is making waves as it helps drivers to park their cars safely...read more

Top 5 Cars launched from Maruti Suzuki to Mercedes-AMG in India

Prior to the festive season, car companies have launched several major launches in the country to boost their sales. These include cars like Maruti Suzuki's new S-cross, Tata Motors' compact SUV Nexus and the first 7-seater Kodiak of Skoda. Car makers are ready to launch 5 new models in November also. Among them, the 2017 ECOSPORT facelift and Maruti Celerio X besides Mercedes performance models are also included.....read more

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