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Bike Face Mask for Every Bike Rider

Bike is one of the most used mediums for daily commuting for many in India. Despite the rising pollution levels, bike riders are still driving their beloved bikes on a daily basis. Some of them find it an affordable mode of transportation, and some find it the most convenient way to commute during peak traffic hours. But, due to air pollution, it has become way too important to protect yourself from dangerous respiratory and other health problems caused by severing air pollution. Therefore, it is very important to wear a protective bike face mask which can protect you from dust, pollution and other dangerous pollutants while driving. AutoFurnish, India’s leading premium online auto accessories brand, has recently launched it’s a premium collection of bike face mask for every bike rider.

Bike Face Mask for Every Bike Rider

The Company has revealed a range of stylish, protective and user-friendly bike face masks meant for every rider. Some of the most popular and exciting ones are:

· Anti-pollution half face mouth muffle dust face mask specially for bike ridersIt is a very protective face mask having ventilation holes and a fixed magic stick. It is durable and very flexible to fit all types of faces. It is designed with Neoprene and has activated charcoal filter to ensure protection from dust, dirt and all fatal pollutants. On top of that, it’s design is very trendy and one can avail it in different vibrant colours.

· Storm trooper detachable goggles nose face maskIf you are someone who loves to wear open face or half helmet, then this face mask is meant for you only. The best part is that it is ultra-stylish and trendy to amplify your stylish quotient while riding your favourite bike. It is designed with multi-layer face foam to give an excellent seal between the face and goggles for protection. It also comes with high consistency cotton which offers better exhaust ventilation. It also has scratch and dazzle proof PC lens to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. The mask has two main parts, a pair of goggles and one mouth-muffle. It is highly durable, convenient, comfortable and stylish.

Apart from that, the Company offers multiple universal bike face masks in different materials, patterns and designs to meet every customer’s expectation and style.

Those who are still confused about buying a bike face mask must know the multiple benefits of it while driving.
First of all, it will protect your face from pollution and injuries

Secondly, in cold weather is it very difficult to drive a bike as the cold wind causes difficulty to breath and makes it very cold. Thus, a bike face mask will bring you a warm breath in chilly conditions.
Thirdly, it can amplify your style quotient as modern face masks come with funky patterns, designs and looks to amp up your glam quotient.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your face a stylish and protective bike face mask because your face needs to be protected from all kinds of damages.

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