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Best Car Seat Cushions For Long Drives

Modern lifestyle and technology have made life very easier. Everything is now a few clicks away from us. With modern luxury cars and technology-driven features, we don’t need to give trouble to our bodies much and can enjoy long drives without moving much. However, this way of life often results in sedentary habits that will be quite harmful to our life. Prolonged sitting has become a routine task. We have to sit for eight hours in the office followed by a couple of hours daily in a car while commuting. It leads to posture-related health issues and we start feeling pain in the spinal cord, neck and lower back. A sedentary lifestyle is the major cause of health-related issues but due to professional and personal priorities, we can’t quit our jobs or stop commuting by car. There is always a solution to a problem. For all those who have to sit in a car for long hours on a daily basis, premium car cushion is one of the best accessory or aid to minimize spinal cord, neck or back-related problems. AutoFurnish, a leading premium car accessories brand in India, brings a premium range of car seat cushions for long drives in order to give cushion to your back and minimize existing pain. Let’s check out the best car seat cushions offered by the brand.

Car Seat Cushions

  • Premium Car Pillow Neck Rest: It is a great relief for your head and neck. Those who are suffering from head and neck related pain while driving, watching TV or reading can get ample amount of comfort with this magical car pillow. It is filled with pure poly-fill and made with premium grade PU leather. You can sit painlessly all day long in your car or office with this incredible car pillow neck rest.
  • Urban Life Stylers Orthopaedic Universal Full Backrest Cushion: It is an ideal and effective backrest cushion made with certified high density PU foam for comfort and stability. It is capable enough to give instant relief from aches and pains and helps you to sit in the right position for long hours. The ergonomically orthopaedic design ensures long term benefits to your back and maintaining right posture while sitting for long hours in car or office. The best part is that it is lightweight, portable and comes with an elastic band for flexibility.
  • Car Wooden Bead Seat Cushion With Black/Beige Velvet Border: It is an effective solution to your back-related problems. It is like an acupressure treatment and offers multiple health benefits as well including regulating right blood pressure, curing piles and body heat. It can relieve fatigue, muscle tension and pressure and gives you vigour instantly. It is made up of pure wooden beads and good plastic wires that are quite durable and give the best benefits to your body.

You can find multiple colours and styles of all car seat cushions at the online store. To get them at jaw-dropping prices, shop during the Mega Diwali Sale which is going to start in a couple of days.


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