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Autofurnish offers luxurious range of Car Mats in 7D Luxury, 5D Premium, 5D Plus & more

Gone are the days, when car owners used had least options of car accessories. With changing times and every changing technology, auto accessories have become more luxurious, quality driven and fashionable. One can now choose from a versatile range of designs, patterns, styles and sizes without doing much leg work. With the arrival of premium auto accessories online such as Autofurnish, it becomes way too easier to choose imported and high quality car accessories within a few clicks. The Brand has recently unveiled its newest range of imported luxury car floor mats including 7D Carbon5D Plus and 7D Curly mats. To give best and imported quality to Indian car owners, the Brand keeps on updating its catalogue with premium car accessories. Knowing the importance of car floor mats, the Brand brings superior quality of floor mats that give all weather protection and enhance the style quotient. Let’s take a quick look at the luxury floor mats unveiled by the Brand.

7D carbon fiber style custom fitted car mats: If you love to own luxurious products then it is a must-have for you. It is an epitome of luxury as it offers 7-depth layer protection to your car interiors. The carbon fiber PU leather styling with a quality fitted finish and digitized design give a very luxurious look and feel. The raised edges give maximum coverage and the quality reduces road noise. It is 100% water, scratch and dust proof. One can choose from various color options to add premium look and quality to their cars.

7D Carbon Car Mats

7D Luxury Custom Fitted Car Mats: A Luxurious Combination of Style, Class, Comfort and Protection for your car are here. Autofurnish presents an exclusive range of 7D Luxury Custom fitted car mats taking Interior Auto Luxury to the Next Level makes Comfortable, elegant and healthy driving. These floor mats will make your car look more luxurious, giving it a customized, elegant, tailor-made look. The materials we use are extremely durable and provide 7-Depth layer protection. The mats are highly durable, resist scuffing, and are completely functional.

7d Car Mats

5D premium custom fitted car mats: Another luxurious variant in premium car floor mats is 5D mat. It offers 5 depth layer protection to your car interiors and offers premium styling with quality fitted finish. With digitized design, raised edges, Velcro under liner and road noise reducing feature, this mat is a must-have for luxury seekers. The mat is also water, dust and scratch proof, thus one can enjoy them for a long period of time. Here also one can choose from various color options to meet the aesthetics of car interiors.

5D Premium Car Mats

7D curly custom fitted car mats: This mat is a revolutionary product from Auto Furnish. It offers luxury and safety to manifolds. The wall to wall design covers every edge and durable construction retains water snow and dirt. It also offers spongy and cushioned feel to your feet. One can choose from various color options and sizes.

7D Curly Car Mats

5D plus car mats: It is again a luxurious product to have and to amplify the comfort, style and safety of your car interiors. It comes with heel pad on drive side to give an extra layer protection. It is designed with a fusion of grass and leatherette material. The durable construction absorbs water, dirt and dust.

5D Plus Car Mats

The best part is that all above car floor mats are available for all car brands and models. With customized design and premium looks, one can easily elevate the style and security quotient of car interiors with luxury car foot mats.

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