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Autofurnish launches Brand New LED Fog Lamps

LED bulbs are known for high performance and efficiency. In the last couple of years, LED bulbs have gained a lot of popularity in the Indian household and commercial market. When it comes to LED fog lamps, they look not only very classy but also add more security to your driving by offering optimum level of visibility. Technically, LED fog lamps are more efficient than 55watt halogen bulbs. In the toughest times such as dust storm, heavy rainfall, extreme foggy conditions and low visibility in the night time due to less lightning, these lamps prove highly beneficial and act as a savior. Without costing much, these lamps offer highest level of performance and efficiency like no other lights in the market. That’s why India’s iconic auto accessories online store, Autofurnish, brings technology driven LED Fog Lamps to ensure highest level of efficiency, protection and durability during odd climatic and visibility conditions.

At Autofurnish, one can find out high quality LED fog lamps for all prominent car brands and models. These lamps feature built in ballasts and fan, thus, no other ballast is required. With latest technology and design one can get 360 degrees beam angle for maximum visibility. The color temperature is 6000k white with high quality aluminum heat dissipation to ensure the safe temperature range round the clock when in use. With high precision constant current driver chip and shock proof and long lasting feature of over 50, 000 hours, one can get great durability and efficiency without burning a hole in their pockets.

LED Fog Lamps

While using Autofurnish LED Fog Lamps, one can witness the difference clearly. Comparing with normal or halogen bulbs, it gives much better results and performance. This is the reason why many car riders have started installing LED Fog lamps in their cars.

However, there are some important things to follow while installing these lamps. Make sure that your car has cooled down and ignition turned off. Refrain yourself from crushing or cutting the bulbs, and don’t touch the bulbs. Also, ensure that all points are well connected and wires have been installed properly in order to avoid any kind of mishap.

Autofurnish offers these lamps in white color and in plastic material. One can also get 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. With a widest range of LED Fog Lamps available at the store, one can easily get one for his car irrespective of brand and model. All you have to do is to visit the website to get the detailed catalogue and information on the lamps. For more help, queries or order related questions or for premium car accessories, visit the website.

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