AutoFurnish Car Care Products

Modern cars are expensive and require a lot of maintenance and care. It is very important to take good care of your beloved car in order to ensure it’s long and healthy life. Driving on Indian roads is quite challenging for regular drivers and exhausting for a car as well. During regular drives covering long distance, your car needs regular care and maintenance so that it can run smoothly. And to give that essential care to your car, there are some important car care products that one should have with him to maintain your car and to minimize repairs and damages. Thus, AutoFurnish, India’s premier car accessories online store, brings high end car care products to offer complete car care.

  • Cleaning duster: Car cleaning is quite a daunting process. If it’s not done with right products, then your car gets potential damages. Thus, AutoFurnish store brings high quality microfiber glove hand wash car cleaning duster, cleaning duster brush, abro vehicle washing sponge, hard bristled plastic cleaning duster brush and plastic feather cleaning duster to ensure hassle-free and safe car cleaning inside and out.

cleaning duster

  • Scratch removers: If you are staying in metropolitan cities, it is difficult to avoid scratches on your cars. However, you can cure them with high quality scratch remover pen for cars and bikes offered by AutoFurnish. It works on all paints clear coats and has accurate tip for fine repairs. Along with that, you can find Formula 1 Heavy Duty Scratch Out Paste for all cars and Formula 1 Rubbing Compound Car Body Scratch removal that removes all water spots and scratches.

Scratch Removers

  • Car Tool Kits: It is the most important car care product that one must have in his car. AutoFurnish brings an essential car tool kit including 20 pcs Tyre Shape Multipurpose Toolkit that includes 10 pcs screwdriver bits, 4 pcs sockets, 4 pcs precision screwdriver and 1 pcs paper cutter. Another variant is from Destorm Universal Tyre Pressure Gauge Monitor Indicator Cap Sensor set of 4. It helps to avoid premature tire wear or blowouts from under inflated tires. It also comes with green, red and yellow indication bar to give you right results.

car tool kit

  • 3M Complete Car Care Kit: To give you complete car protection round the clock, AutoFurnish brings this amazing kit including 1 car wash shampoo, 1 tyre dresser, 1 dashboard dresser, 1 liquid wax, and one microfiber cloth.

car care kit

  • Puncture Kit: Punctures are pretty common while driving on Indian roads and to make you puncture-ready, AutoFurnish brings a revolutionary puncture kit including industrial 12V quality twin piston compressor with maximum working pressure of 150 PSI, robust PVC box for easy storage, double cylinder metal 12V car air compressor electric air pump and auto branded car auto tubeless tyre puncture plug repair kit.

puncture kit

Along with that, the Brand offers many more car care products including washing spray, windshield glass cleaner, car polish kit, car vacuum cleaner and many more to give your car best protection round the clock.

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