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Autofurnish brings finest range of Car Safety Accessories

Today, safety plays an important role while driving. In the past couple of years, there has been a steady rise in fatal accidents, car stealing cases and damages due to the lack of car safety equipments and negligence of drivers. The number of such cases keeps on increasing with each passing day which is a very alarming issue. Damages are also caused due to parking, heavy rain and rash driving. On top of it, car damages do burn a hole in your pocket and mechanics charge a bomb for a repair. Hence it is very important to make use of car protection accessories in order to save yourself from unwanted car damages caused due to accidents, burglaries, parking and many more reasons.

To protect your car from various kinds of damages, Autofurnish brings a finest range of accessories for car. Let’s take a brief look.

Parking Cameras Sensors: Parking crunch in cities is a big problem which leads to many car parking damages including potential dents. Parking a car in little space often leads to dents or scratches that spoil the beauty of your beloved car and brings unwanted expenses. Hence parking camera sensors helps in avoiding any type of collision and gives you exact information about the back space, and helps you in parking your car effortlessly. The store brings collision avoidance system of parking camera sensors featuring 4.3” rear view mirror TFT-LED screen followed by 7” rear view mirror touch screen and waterproof reverse parking camera to assist you in parking.

Car Parking Cameras and Sensors

Car Body Covers: Cars are usually exposed to heavy rains, excessive sun light and birds droppings that can cause potential damage to your exteriors of car. Hence a good quality car body cover can protect your car from all such damages during any season. The store brings a high quality of car body covers for all prominent car models and brands.

Car Cover

Car Tyre Locks: Tyre stealing becomes very common as they are very expensive. Hence its very important to protect your tyres to avoid burning a hole in your pocket. At Autofurnish you will get anti tyre car wheel tire tyre lock clamp security for car. It is stylish, easy to use and extremely protective due to its hi-tech technology.

Car Tyre Locks

Apart from that, the store has hi-tech central locking systems and sturdy bumper guards to offer optimum level of security to your car.

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