Are car sill plates worth your money?

When it comes to modifying your car, there are many options available at your disposal. From installing skid plates, leather covers, to bumper lights, you have a plethora of customization options for your car. However, the leading and famous installation these days is known to be car sill plates. If you notice, from race cars to SUVs, every type of car has car sill plates installed in it. This is a highly affordable modification that gives your car a royal yet chic look. However, it is essential to purchase it from trustworthy sources such as AutoFurnish for great prices and longevity.

Are Car Sill Plates Worth Your Money?

But if you are still skeptical about installing car still plates then it imperative to ask whether they are worth your money or not? Well, the answer is yes and there is more than one reason to define this.

  • The car sill plates are made from the heavy-duty protective film. Therefore, the first contact between the car and passenger’s feet is these plates. They help in protecting your car’s auto body paint from any sort of damages or other aspects.
  • It also protects the body of your car from day-to-day shoe mud or dust.
  • The scraps or scratches caused by passenger’s footwear are no longer a problem with car sill plates.
  • The abrasions caused by car doors can be prevented by adopting this accessory.
  • These plates are available at a reasonable price. Therefore, there is no big investment to protect your car. Also, they add a great chic look to your car.
  • It requires minimal maintenance as compared to other car accessories.

Which is the right place to buy car sill plates?

Due to immense popularity and high demand, car sill plates can be found at any local vendor. But it is essential to ensure that you should not compromise with the quality of these plates. AutoFurnish is a pioneer in offering top-notch car sill plates. You will always find its collection to be refreshing and premium than any other local vendors. Here are some of the popular variants of car sill plates by AutoFurnish mentioned below:

  • Car sill plate with LED – to protect your car from any weather conditions these car sill plates with LED are the best. They are available in almost every car model and involves easy installation. You can buy them at the discount of RS.1078.
  • Car sill scuff plated with LED blue light – to install these car sill plates with LED blue light you don’t require any tools or drilling. These stainless steel plates come in a set of four pieces. Also, they are light-weight can be installed by following a DIY method.
  • Car sill plate with a personalized name embedded on it – you can order this variant from AutoFurnish for Rs.538. It is available for various car brands such as Chevrolet, Datsun, Ford, Honda, etc. The plates come in a set of four pieces. It is unbreakable as the product is made from top-notch stainless steel.


AutoFurnish offers the best quality and price range for car sill plates. You can get these plates in almost every car model. The numerous benefits and the idea to enhance the style quotient of your car makes these car sill plates a perfect accessory.

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