Aero Waterproof Heat Resistant Mirror and Antenna Pocket Car Body Cover Compatible With KIA Carens 2022 - Aero Silver

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Product Highlights

  • Made from a robust imported American fabric with soft cotton lining.
  • 100% waterproof material protects your vehicle against wet, humid heat and dusty climatic conditions.
  • Double interlock stitched heavy Car Cover with Mirror & Antenna Pocket.
  • Ultimate Durable UV/Sun protection to protect your interior and paint.
  • Tailor-made to the exact specifications of your vehicle's year, make, model, and configuration options.
  • Tie down buckle and strap attached with fully elasticized hems.
  • Washable and Does not fade. Free Storage Bag.
  • In House Manufacturing. MAKE IN INDIA
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Autofurnish presents superior quality waterproof car cover that made from a highly durable long lasting imported American fabric with soft cotton lining.

Autofurnish Aero car cover will keep your vehicle completely dry underneath. This is a great choice if you lack indoor storage space such as a garage or covered parking. It comes with 2 Mirror Pockets & 1 Antenna Pocket, which gives a whole new look to your car and provide extra care to Antenna & side mirrors.

Aero Waterproof Car Body Cover

Keeps your vehicle cooler, dry and dust free, it remains unaffected by adverse climatic conditions.

Aero Waterproof Car Body Cover

Side mirror pockets to give extra care to side mirrors.

Aero Waterproof Car Body Cover

Complete customized body cover gives extra care and comes with antenna pocket.

Aero Waterproof Car Body Cover

When rain hits this type of cover, it beads up and rolls right off. The water may pool on the hood of the vehicle, or another flat surface of the vehicle, but not to worry. Your vehicle will stay dry and free from any chemical compounds. You can always lift the cover and give it a shake to encourage the water to drain off the side of your vehicle. Water and rain will not penetrate or pass through this type of cover fabric.

Washable and Color does not fade.

Aero Waterproof Car Body Cover
Not only will this block out all rain and water, what you don’t see is that it is also blocking out other unseen tiny particles that can damage your paint finish over time, such as acid rain and an array of chemical compounds.
Autofurnish Car Covers comes with a Heavy & Broad Belt & Buckle along with Bottom Elastic to keep your cover stay on the car even during high winds. Our cover protects your vehicle against harsh outdoor conditions preserves vehicle's paint, ensuring safety from dents, scratches and dust.

Uses reinforced side clamps for cover tie down.

Aero Waterproof Car Body Cover

Being a manufacturer, Autofurnish car covers are tailor stitched for your specific vehicle keeping in view exact year, make, model, body type, trim and other specifications of the vehicle.
A tailor fit storage bag with box packing is included. Storage bag keeps your cover clean, tidy and tucked away when not in use.

Color: Silver, Material: American Silver Polyester with inner soft cotton lining

Warranty: 1 Month Manufacturing Defects Warranty.

In The Box: 1 Pcs of Autofurnish Car Body Cover.

Products specifications
Car Model KIA Carens (6 Seater) 2022
Car Model KIA Carens (7 Seater) 2022
Color Silver