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Advantages of having a high-security car number plate

Almost, every person nowadays owns a car which means following the rules of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is mandatory. To control the situation of COVID-19, MoRTH has instructed all the Indian vehicles which are sold before April 2019 to get a high-security car number plate without any delay. However, any person failing it to do so will have to face penalties under the Central Motor Vehicles Act.

Advantages Of Having A High-Security Car Number Plate

This rule is in effect since 2019 but the state governments are not putting any pressure on the people because of various reasons including the major which is the unavailability of high-security car number plates. On the other hand, the Delhi transport department is strictly enforcing this rule to apply High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) and colour-coded stickers. Vehicles of other states in the country are quickly adopting this rule.

What is the meaning of a High-Security Registration Plate?

High-security car number plates are of aluminum and are attached with two non-reusable Snap-On locks. The number plate has a hot-stamped chromium-based 20mm X 20mm Ashoka Chakra hologram on it in blue color. And on the left bottom corner of the plate, it has a 10 digit permanent identification number. This PIN is laser branded on the reflective sheeting number plate. Also, the HSRP has hot-stamped filmed numerals as well as letters having the inscription at a 45-degree angle ‘INDIA’.

After you get this high-security car number plate, it is electronically linked to your car.

Here are some of the advantages of HSRP mentioned below:

  • The old number plates were damageable and easy to change without leaving any trace behind. In most cases it is seen that thieves change the registered number plate after stealing a vehicle. Thus, it becomes a daunting task for the place to track the vehicle. However, having HSRP comes with non-removable Snap-On lacks that makes it hard to change.
  • After getting HSRP, your car details such as engine number, chassis number, etc. gets stored in a government database. Plus, the 10-digit PIN makes everything super simple to identify by the authorities.
  • The uniform pattern of HSRP displays the vehicle number easily. Moreover, there are issues of unconceivable registered number plates.
  • The high-security number plate is fixed by automobile dealers as well as private vendors that are approved by state authorities. The number plate is issued after the car owner provides information such as engine number, chassis number, etc.

Is it necessary to have an accessory for your HSRP?

The government is taking high-security measures for your vehicles which is why it is better to have accessories that can protect your HSRP in the long run. AutoFurnish offers a high-security car number plate frame folding for your car. These frames are highly affordable and made from superior quality material. It protects your number plate from any sort of severe damage. Plus, AutoFurnish offers one month of manufacturing defect warranty and timely discount offers.


Getting your hands-on high-security car number plates is highly essential now. The entire process to register is done online. And to protect your high security registration plate with a strudy frame, you can visit AutoFurnish online store.

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