Add Safety & Style To Your Car’s Trunk With Premium Trunk Mats

There is no doubt about the fact that the highly used part of the car is its trunk. It is a storage room that is highly valuable for the everyday commute. Car trunks are used to keep emergency equipment such as luggage, spare tire, onboard car tool kit, fuse boxes, dog equipment, grocery items, sound systems, jack, etc. However, car owners use car trunks every day but still don’t ponder much about their safety.

Add Safety & Style To Your Car’s Trunk With Premium Trunk Mats

The best way to take care of your car trunks is by investing in trunk mats. They can help you protect your car trunk from any sort of damages. Trunk mats are available in rubber or carpet materials which offer extra protection to the car interiors. Plus, they are super simple to install and remove.

AutoFurnish has a versatile collection of trunk mats that are sturdy, durable, and stylish. They will not only offer the benefit of trunk protection but will add an aesthetic appeal. Moreover, with these car boot mats, you don’t have to bother much about their cleanliness.

Here are some of the best ones offered by the brand:

  • 7D custom-fitted trunk base mats – These base mats for your car are made of soft and thick leather which is robust, waterproof, antifouling, anti-skid, as well as, dustproof. They are custom built to offer edge-to-edge fitting. The mat keeps your car trunk free from dust, and mud. It is easy to install this mat and is suitable for all weather conditions. Moreover, you can use this base mat while changing car tires, outdoor activities, or gardening. AutoFurnish offers a one-month manufacturing defect warranty on this trunk base mat. You can choose from various luxurious and vibrant colors according to your choice.
  • Curly custom-fitted car trunk base mat – The curly custom-fitted trunk mats can easily soak up or trap water and dust. This base mat for your car trunk will keep it clean and offer great convenience. It is made up of high-grade rubber which will keep the dust or water at the bottom of it. The mat is skid-proof, freeze-proof, waterproof, anti-dust, and moisture-proof. One can easily fold this mat for easy storage. It is made custom-made so that the mat can offer edge-to-edge fitting. It is easy to install so there is no need for external help. The brand offers a one-month manufacturing defect warranty on this mat.

In addition to the above-mentioned trunk mats, the brand offers many more with wall-to-wall raised edges, premium quality, and stylish designs. In short, customers will get the maximum coverage as well as protection. However, the prices of these mats vary according to the car model and brand. Moreover, the additional discount on them will allow you to save a lot of money.


The car trunk mat is one of the essential car accessories which a car owner shouldn’t miss, especially for daily commuters and ardent travelers. It will not only help in protecting your car's trunk but also adds a new style quotient to your car. The best part is that AutoFurnish offers a versatile range of premium trunk mats at highly competitive prices.

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