A New BH Series for Vehicle Registration in India

The whole process of relocating a vehicle from one state to another is troublesome. A person needs to get a NOC from the current location and later re-register the vehicle in a new location. Plus, there is an issue of paying road tax to the new state. To overcome all this hassle, The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have introduced the BH series or Bharat series.

A New BH Series For Vehicle Registration In India

This series will solve the issue of the relocation of vehicle registration from state to state. For instance, anyone who is in a transferable job such as railways, defense, or in private sector companies can opt for this system. BH series will come into force from 15th September, 2021.

How BH series work?

Currently, any person who wishes to relocate to a new state and wants to take his vehicle along needs to have hands-on a No Objection Certificate from the registered state. This is called the ‘parent’ state of the vehicle. The parent state’s NOC is mandatory for every vehicle to get re-registered in the new state. Also, the entire process involves road tax and a lot more.

However, to end this cumbersome system, the government has introduced BH series registration to vehicles. The process is done online and is completely uncomplicated. As per Rule 47 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, any vehicle having a BH registration mark need not re-register itself in the new state once relocated.

Who is eligible to get the facility of the BH series?

The new BH series is available voluntarily. Any person who is an employee of State Government, PSUs, or defense personnel is eligible for the facility of the BH series. However, for the private sector employees, they need to fill ‘Form 60’ to register themselves. It is a working certificate where the company or organization declares that the applicant is working for them. Plus, it declares that they have offices in a minimum of 4 states/UTs.

In the case of government/PSU employees, original employment ID/proof is mandatory. In addition to these, the sale certificate, address proof, temporary registration, as well as insurance certificate is mandatory during registration.

What’s the format for the new BH series registration mark?

After verifying ID proof or Form 60, the BH series registration mark will randomly generate via a computer portal. However, the format of the BH series registration mark is YY BH #### XX. YY means the year of first registration, BH means code, #### means a four-digit number which is assigned randomly ranging from 0000 to 9999, and XX means any English alphabet from AA to ZZ sequence.

How to get it?

The BH series number plates will be assigned to everyone randomly via the digital process. Therefore, it will be a hassle-free process.

Are there any tax issues?

The vehicles registering under this system will be charged road tax for two years. This way the owner of the vehicle is free from seeking a refund before or after relocation. After the 14th year, the tax will be charged annually.

Is there any road tax?

The vehicle under BH registration needs to pay 8 percent of road tax only if its total cost is below Rs.10lakh. Otherwise, the vehicle costing between Rs.10-20 lakh needs to pay 10percent. And if it’s more than Rs.20lakh then the road tax will be 12percent.

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