7D Car Mats And Why You Should Choose Them Over Others


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Why are Car Mats Necessary?

Cars need to be adequately maintained for a pleasant driving experience. The interiors of the car need to be kept clean with minimal wear and tear, which is often a challenging task.

The floors often get dirty due to various sources ranging from food to dust. If proper care is not taken, it can damage the car, leading to rust or mold in addition to an unhygienic environment. So, it is necessary to keep the floor of the cars free from potential sources of damage.

Car mats are an essential accessory that helps keep the car clean, acting like doormats in homes and offices by collecting all the grime and keeping the car floor clean.

There are various car mats available, among which 7D car mats are pretty popular. The main benefit of these mats is that they are custom-made to fit the car's floor perfectly. 

Types of Car Mats

There are numerous car mats available in the market. Choosing the right type of car mat is important based on the usage and requirements

Dash Mats   Dash Mats

Dash mats are typically placed on the dashboard and protect against the sun, heat, dirt, and scratches. Some dash mats also provide a placeholder for phones, keys, etc.

Floor Mats Floor Mats

Floor mats are placed on the floor of the car and protect against potential contaminants such as dirt, food, or beverages. This ensures the interiors are clean and help maintain hygiene. 

What are 7D Floor Mats?

7D floor mats are great for protecting the car’s floor. Meant for end-to-end fitting and custom-made for each vehicle, they cover the entire floor and fit perfectly.

These car mats are typically made using artificial leather, velcro, and foam, and offer varied benefits over simple rubber mats, 3D mats, or even 5D mats. 

How are 5D and 7D Mats Different?

Here are some of the features that make 7D car mats stand out:

  • 7D car mats provide full coverage and end-to-end fitting as opposed to 5D car mats.
  • They are waterproof and prevent the accumulation of microbes offering higher protection and better hygiene.
  • With a thick layer of coil, 7D car mats increase the comfort level significantly while enhancing the luxury quotient.
  • Also, with an additional detachable mat, these are relatively easier to clean or wash.
The Advantages of 7D Car Floor Mats

If you are still not convinced, here are some other benefits of 7D car mats:

  • Custom-made for individual cars, they are perfectly fitted.
  • Made using advanced technology and high-quality material like artificial leather and foam.
  • Increased protection of the car floors, ensuring safety and hygiene.
  • Adds to the aesthetics and enhances the luxury of the interiors.
  • Highly durable and offers an excellent return on investment.
  • Cleaning and washing them is hassle-free.
  • Buying 7D car mats are built to collect what you track in and offer multiple advantages making them a wise investment.
Are 7D Mats Worth Buying?

In today’s environment, commuting by car is fast and gives people flexibility. The interior of the car directly affects the experience and well-being of the travelers. This requires impeccable maintenance to ensure the car works at its optimal level without compromising on performance or the driving experience.

7D car mats protect the car floor, increase the safety of passengers and enhance the opulence of the interior. These car mats may seem more expensive at the outset, we believe their longevity and benefits make them a worthy investment.

Custom-made car mats help control long-term damage to the carpeting and extend its life.

How Much Do 7D Mats Cost?

7D car mats come in a variety of price ranges and the cost would ultimately depend on the model and make of the car as they are custom made to fit perfectly end-to-end. There are various options available for a buyer looking to purchase 7D car mats.

The prices start from Rs 2,000 and can go up depending on the brand of the car mat and the car model. You can get a 7D car mat that aligns with your requirement and budget with numerous options.

Considering the various features of these mats, their benefits outweigh their cost. 

Are 7D Mats Washable?

A common pain point with car mats is that they are very tough to wash, especially with the grime that gets accumulated over time. 

7D car mats offer a hassle-free cleaning experience, and maintaining them is easy. They come with an additional grass noodle mat over the main mat which is detachable, making cleaning effortless. 

After detaching the two, it is easy to wash and clean the mat. Once cleaned, it is as good as new and ready for reuse.


People spend a lot of time inside the car on their commute, making the interiors of the car a necessity to maintain, for a comfortable ride. 

The floor of the car needs to be protected from dirt and debris making them a perfect addition to your vehicle. While there are various options available as far as car mats are concerned, 7D car mats are the best in class. These car mats are sturdy, custom-made to cover the entire floor of the car and fit perfectly to the car, last long, and add to the aesthetic component. 

Getting the car equipped with these mats is a wise investment that goes a long way in giving a better driving experience.

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