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5 Types Of Car Lights Can Save You While Driving On The Road

Car lights play a huge role while driving, especially during night time. We all know that due to poor visibility during night hours a lot of fatal accidents happen on the road. The clarity on the roads matters to the extreme level because low light headlights or defective lights of the car can cause a blunder to you and the pedestrians. Thus, it’s a no-brainer that high-quality car lights can save you from a nightmare while driving on the road. Every car light has a role to play. Be it headlamps, day-time running lights, fog lamps, tail-lights, or indicator lights. To make your journey safe and sound car lights indeed very essential. On top of that, contemporary car lights can also enhance the style quotient of your car to grab everyone’s attention on the road. If you are an ardent car lover then you can find out a plethora of stylish car lights to give a customized or personalized look to your car.

5 Types Of Car Lights Can Save You While Driving On The Road

To give you a stylish and high-quality range of car lights AutoFurnish, India’s finest premium online auto accessories brand, brings the best range of car lights for its customers. Here are some of the car light accessory range which you can choose from:

  • Car Headlights – the headlights of a car carries the weightage. You definitely cannot go for long journeys or at night without headlights. The reason behind it is that they bring road visibility for a driver and pedestrians. The car headlights have LED lights that are energy-efficient and do not require replacement for a long duration of time. AutoFurnish offers 12inches, 22inches, 32inches, 42inches, 52inches waterproof headline range. These are versatile and available for all car models.
  • Car Logo Lights – car logo lights are highly popular among car lovers. Basically, youngsters are fond of logo lights. These lights highly serve the purpose of style and classiness. We offer logo lights for almost every car model. The lights have great brightness and its outer covering is of aluminum which protects it from heat.
  • Car DRL Lights – daytime running lights are highly popular among car lovers. These lights are great attention seeker on the road and look superb in the day as well as at night. We have a premium collection of imported DRL lights. You can go for either flog light DRL or DRL for all popular cars.
  • Car Fog Lights – fog lights are a great benefit during winters and rainy season when the road visibility is extremely low. With fog car lights, you can have road visibility for up to 2-3 kilometers. AutoFurnish offers both universal and customized fit for fog car lights. You have the choice of HID car fog lap kit, halogen fog lights, and LED fog lamps. The prices of all vary.
  • Car Tail Lights – the tail lights have seen huge popularity among the car lovers after BMW and Audi made it a trend. These lights bring richness to the car's looks. The brand offers a huge collection in tail lights category accompanying with superior quality. Every tail light has a great fitting and is imported in its nature. They also are resourceful in providing better safety on roads.


All these car lights by AutoFurnish are the utmost premium in quality and give a very stylish look to your car. The range is designed to provide brilliant and crisp visibility on the road. The whole car light collection has a different price range. You can visit the AutoFurnish online store to view the entire collection and determine what is best suitable for your car.

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8/10/2020 9:44 AM

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