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5 Reasons why everyone should wear a face mask

Wearing face masks has become a progressively important defense to fight against the COVID-19. To slow down the spreading and catching of the novel coronavirus, the governments of many countries have recommended all healthy kids and adults to wear a face mask, excluding children under the age of 2. Moreover, wearing face masks is mandatory even for the people who have got vaccinated. The virus is widespread and wearing face mask is the only way to break the chain.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Wear A Face Mask

Here are some of the solid reasons which will help you understand the dire need to wear a face mask amidst the pandemic:

  1. No vaccine is 100% effective – COVID vaccines are known to prevent serious illness or risk and boost your immunity system. However, there is no research that says you won’t become a victim of the virus even after getting two doses of the Coronavirus vaccine. Moreover, no vaccine is effective immediately. It takes around two or more weeks to build a strong immunity system. Therefore, wearing face masks even after getting vaccinated is equally important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  2. Face masks prevent asymptomatic spread – according to researchers, around 50% of the transmissions happen before an individual develops the symptoms of the coronavirus. If you are wearing a face mask, it reduces the risk of spreading the infection. Face masks are a form of altruism, you not only protect yourself but for society. They are helpful to prevent asymptomatic people from spreading the COVID-19.
  3. In general face masks are good hygiene – before the pandemic, from surgeons to dentists, everyone wore a face mask to prevent any droplets or germs from entering their body. In many cultures, if a person is ill, wearing face masks is considered a sign of respect. It is a great and normal way of protecting yourself. Plus, it offers great hygiene under high-risk situations like COVID-19.
  4. It is an important method to protect others from illness – as per the researchers, wearing a face mask is highly effective when done collectively. According to some predictions, the death toll of the US could have been prevented in September by 95 percent if people wore face masks. Face masks create a barrier between two people and prevent the spread of the virus to a great extent.
  5. If worn correctly, face masks reduce viral transmission – surgical masks and cloth masks have the ability to reduce viral transmission by 70%. However, people need to wear it correctly by covering their nose and mouth. Plus, before putting on a face mask, one should wash his/her hands for at least 60 -120 seconds.


No wonder, wearing face masks has become a necessity seeing the current situation all across the globe. Plus, the government is taking strict action against people not wearing a mask. AutoFurnish has a wide collection of face masks with enhanced protective features. The best part is that one can get at a nominal price. Ordering a face mask from AutoFurnish is simple and you don’t need to step out of your house.

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