5 Must Have Car Accessories for your Car Tyres

Car tyre care is very important. It is the most important auto accessory on which the vehicle is entirely dependent. With the rising prices of the tyre in the market, it becomes very important to take the best care of it through some of the best car tyre care accessories. The leading online Car Accessories store, Autofurnish rolls out best Tyre Care Accessories that ensure the long life of your tyres in all types of conditions. On top of that, these accessories will help you to solve any tyre-related problem round the clock without anybody’s assistance.

5 Must Have Car Accessories For Your Car Tyres

  1. Tyre Inflators: It is a very important accessory to inflate flat or puncture tyres. Hence, Autofurnish brings technology-driven heavy duty twin cylinder metal air compressor for cars, SUVs and small trucks. It is very durable, sturdy and efficient. It can be taken anywhere such as beaches, camping, caravanning, motorbike riding, cycling or any outdoor activity. You can also check out Transform Air Compressor Tyre Inflator which is a cheaper yet amazing option.
  2. Tyre Pressure Gauges:  The store brings digital tire tread depth gauge with enhanced gas mileage and reduces tire wear by offering apt value.
  3. Tyre Puncture Kit: Tyre puncture is pretty common on highways hence the store brings branded auto tubeless tyre puncture plug repair kit to let you mend the puncture quickly.
  4. Car Jack: You can also find different types of jacks including 5-ton bottle hydraulic jack and 2-ton professional trolley hydraulic jack to easily lift your car. For an advanced and automatic option check out automatic car jack scissor-type with a wired remote.
  5. Tool Kits: it is one of the most important car accessories to have, hence the store brings 20PCs tyre shape multipurpose toolkit which contains all essential tools required for puncture, repair etc.

Apart from that, you can find a wide range of premium tyres, car tyre locks, tyre valve caps, tyre shiners and many more tyre care accessories.

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