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5 Hacks To Protect Your Car In The Rainy Season

Monsoon or you can say the rainy season is about to arrive in many parts of India. This season is the most favourite of all because it lowers the temperature and soothes the weather. However, on the same hand, it creates havoc for car riders. The actual reason behind, it creates a mess on the roads which can cause potential damage to cars all across the country. With severe floods, potholes and heavy rainstorms, your beloved cars are at high risk. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself in advance in order to ensure the maximum protection from the rainy season.

5 Hacks To Protect Your Car In The Rainy Season

Nevertheless, whether your car is standing still or you are travelling somewhere during the rainy season it is essential to be prepared in advance to tackle it well. Here are some of the hacks mentioned below which can protect your car during rainy season:

  1. Cover your car: Do you remember when your dad used to cover the car? This might be old-fashion but the hack does protect your car wonderfully. The hack is beneficial for cars during a dense downpour. Also, it does not allow any leakage to enter inside the car. This way your car seat and other stuff will remain protected.
  1. Body Coating: There is no doubt about the ability of a car to face all kinds of adversities counting rains. But taking precautionary measures never harms anybody. Therefore, body coating can be a great way to protect the car. The coatings comprise of anti-rust coating, paint protective layer, etc. This coating can easily be done from any known and trusted showroom or dealer.
  1. Never start your engine in rainwater: The process is very simple yet confusing to understand. It is mandatory to avoid starting your car engine in rainwater. The reason behind this is that the rainwater can enter the car engine via tail-pipe. It can malfunction the system and engine of your car. One should either manually push the car out of water or never slow down the car while driving in water.
  1. Wax it: Rainy days are full of gloominess and dirt. However, the sun makes its way to shine after a few days. These are the days when one can get their car waxed. The benefit of waxing your car is that it does not let contaminants stick in your car. In other words, a rainy day’s dirt can be easily removed. Also, it is necessary to use wax of great quality which has the hardness and extraordinary melting point.
  1. Maintain underside of the car: Just like the exterior of the car, it is crucial to maintain its underside. It will be beneficial in protecting the car from corrosion and rust during the rainy season. Also, try to clean the inside edges of the car wheel during the whole process.

Conclusion: Apart from these hacks, it is essential for people to take extra care of the car openings. Properly sealed car opening won’t allow any water to come inside the car. Also, getting the car to a garage after proper intervals will help to prevent the dampness in the car. Moreover, don’t forget to use a car freshener.

All these little efforts during the rainy season can make a huge difference in your car maintenance.

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